The Wicker Man £3.99 @ Amazon

The Wicker Man £3.99 @ Amazon

wickerIn honour of Beltaine (01 May) I am writing up this deal just for the parents out there. The Wicker Man is one of the most exceptional British movies of its time and has an impressive cast of characters, a fantastically eerie storyline and is a classic that every home should have. Down to only £3.99 at Amazon, now is your chance to add it to your collection.

Beltaine is the Celtic celebration of summer and fertility and, in honour of the god Bel, is all about fire – purification through fire, fertility and, of course, human sacrifice. Back in the day, cattle were driven through the smoke to purify them and to encourage their fertility, while people would leap through the flames to achieve the same results.

In this wonderfully crafted film, a policeman investigating a murder is pulled into the machinations of a pagan community and their sexual pagan rituals. The sexy young woman, played to perfection by Britt Ekland, the dark wicker2and brooding leader, played with remarkably moody restraint by Christopher Lee, and the troubled policeman, all interact in a gripping and visceral horror that relies on the mind and not blood and gore.

If you haven’t watched it before, do so now, because it is a masterpiece of how horror can be done with style and leave you disturbed for days. Not for young viewers at all.

Thanks to Troythecat at HUKD!


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  • Snotters
    A superb film, with an utterly sublime soundtrack. There are some songs on this film which are utterly beautiful. And Britt Ekland = the horniest woman ever (in her day).