Whirley’s Windmill Designer £14.29 @ Play.com

Whirley’s Windmill Designer £14.29 @ Play.com

Whirley’s Windmill Designer kits are for sale at Play.com, available for £14.29 instead of £18.99.

Little ones – six and over, preferably, but not under three due to small parts – can make beautiful paper windmills with the Whirleys Windmill Maker.

The kit gives you everything you need to punch, slice and pin the pretty papers to create lots of different windmills.

How does it work? Select your paper design and using the tools included, punch a hole in each corner. Place the paper on the wheel, punch a hole in the centre, then slice four ways using the guides.

Fold the paper in from the four sides and affix with one of the supplied pins. Using the fastener, pop in the stick and give it a spin.

You can place the windmills on sticks or use sticky pads to accessorize cards, photo frames, notebooks and so on.

The kit includes the Windmill Maker, 10 fasteners, 10 pins, 10 stick connectors, 3 sticks, 10 sticky pads, 20 patterned discs, 20 paper squares and an instruction sheet.


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