Wallace & Gromit: A Matter Of Loaf And Death £3 @ Tesco Entertainment

19 June 2010


Who doesn’t love this delightful duo? I adore them and the words “More cheeeeeese Gromit” have been known to hang about in our house for days after Christmas. Well, now you can own this fabulous adventure for a mere £3 from Tesco Entertainment.

The storyline is pure comic genius. Wallace and Gromit’s new bakery business faces danger when a mysterious killer starts targeting all the bakers in town. Wallace doesn’t care because his head and heart have been swept away by Piella Bakewell, the former star of the Bake-O-Lite bread commercials.

Poor Gromit is, as usual, left to figure out the problems, save Wallace (and everybody else) all by himself. Fortunately he’s smart enough to take on this monumental task and successfully figure out who the dastardly killer is.

You’ll laugh, cringe, giggle and point your way through this fabulous movie. And if you’re not craving cheese and biscuits and freshly baked bread by the end of it, then I’ll eat my socks. Oh, and for those of you who still haven't sorted out your Father's Day presents, well, this one is a good un.

Thanks to Rhys135 at HUKD!

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