Vtech: My First Tool Box £12.99 @ Play

Vtech: My First Tool Box £12.99 @ Play

toolCasePlay currently have a nice little deal on this Vtech: My First Tool Box. They've reduced the price from £19.99 down to £12.99 - enough to keep us parents happy and a toy that will keep all budding DIYers happy too.

*sings* If I had a hammer...I'd hammer in the morning!

Tool kits like this Vtech: My First Tool Box are fab for really little ones, as there are no little parts that can get lost or present a choking hazard.

With it's chunky hammer, screwdriver and saw your budding little DIY expert's tiny hands will easily get to grips with their tools; they're brightly coloured too and all fit inside the tool kit case.

As this is Vtech, there are the obligatory flashing lights and electronic noises that will, probably, drive you nuts (and bolts, sorry...couldn't resist) but will enthrall your child and encourage them to bang and saw away over and over again.

We can't complain, this is helping them to master control over their fine motor skills and as they bash the nail buttons using the hammer, twist the bolts with the wrench, turn the screws with the screwdriver they'll be learning their numbers, shapes, and colours too.

Of course if you REALLY couldn't bear the sounds anymore, I suppose you could just take out the two AA batteries your Vtech: My First Tool Box requires - meany!

Thanks to wishihadadonkey over at HUKD!


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