The Ultimate Bourne Collection 3 Disc DVD Box Set £7.99 @ Amazon

Amazon are selling the Ultimate Bourne Collection DVD box set for £7.99, along with Play, they are the current cheapest sellers of it - Asda are next at £10, Tesco at £12 and The Works have it priced for almost the full price at £29.99.

The weather is miserable in my part of the country today - rain, wind, more rain, the wind turning gale force is the forecast for today and the rest of the weekend in fact.  That can only mean ONE thing - batten down the hatches, put on some comfy clothes and unleash a box set of something!

I obviously wouldn't recommend settling down to watch any of the Bourne movies with your young children - all three movies have 12 certificate - but when they're tucked up in bed these movies are definitely ones to watch, in my opinion.

I went to see the new Bourne movie on Monday - it was very good, I enjoyed it very much but have to admit it was a bit like watching a James Bond movie without James Bond ever appearing in it!

Let me explain, just in case you don't know - Matt Damon has played the character Jason Bourne in the previous three Bourne movies (the ones that make up the Ultimate Bourne Collection box set), he said he wasn't going to do any more and so he isn't in this latest Bourne movie - The Bourne Legacy - hence, it's like watching Bond without Bond.

Normally I wouldn't recommend buying a box set until all  the movies have been released and boxed together, but this last Bourne movie really could have stood alone with a name of its own - it's links to the previous Bourne movies really aren't very strong at all; you don't have to have seen the previous three to be able to understand and enjoy this one.

You do, however, have to see the first three Bourne movies in order otherwise you'll be totally lost - in fact, you need to watch them all more than once to avoid getting lost as you go along, even if you've seen them all before!

Happy Bourne Watching!

PS - if you've seen/go to see the latest Bourne movie - what did YOU think of it?  Let me know!

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