How To Train Your Dragon Blu-ray & DVD £12.99 @

How To Train Your Dragon Blu-ray & DVD £12.99 @


How To Train Your Dragon has to be one of the best movies of 2010. I was completely blown away by it and, as per usual when it comes to me watching animated movies, it made me cry. Funny, brilliant and so re-watchable, How To Train Your Dragon is pure genius. And have dropped the price down from the usual retail price of £27.99 to only £12.99 including free delivery.

This particular set of How To Train Your Dragon includes both the DVD and the Blu-ray (I really don’t understand why you’d get both) so it is a bargain price.

The movie is utterly enchanting. The premise is simple – a young boy called Hiccup (no, really) is the town weakling. He lives with hundreds of beefy Vikings who spend their days and nights fighting off dragons.

The story follows his adventures and misadventures as a dragon killer in training who finds a wounded dragon on the mountainside and begins to learn more about the species. You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, and you will want one of those dragons for yourself.

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