Toy Story Lotso Huggin Bear £34.97 @ Toys R Us

Toy Story Lotso Huggin Bear £34.97 @ Toys R Us

Lotso Huggin Toy Story Bear

If you're one of the parents who paid over £50 for the Toy Story Lotso Huggin Bear, you might want to look away now, as Toys R Us have them back in stock again, and have reduced them to £34.97 - £5.00 less than RRP.

Some love him, some hate him, but either way, Lotso Huggin Bear has been in high demand since Toy Story 3 graced our screens earlier this year. He has also been sold out for a fair amount of that time, causing parents to pay way more than RRP for him.

Lotso Huggin Bear has poseable arms and legs and velcro hands for easy hugging. His eyes close when you lay him down, just like in the movie.

He laughs when you tickle his feet, and pressing his hands will have him 'talking' to you. Lotso also responds to the tone and volume of your voice.

2AA Batteries are included for 'try me' purposes, and you might need to replace them pretty soon, so have a few on hand!

Lotso Huggin Bear also includes a Toy Story Collection Certificate of Authenticity – which may or may not matter much to your Toy Story lovin', Huggin Bear wanting little one.

Thanks to babydoo22 at HUKD


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