Toy Story 1,2,3 DVD Triple Pack £22.97 @ Tesco Entertainment

23 September 2010

ImageProxy This is one series that requires no introduction, the world has gone Toy Story mad once again. The original film was groundbreaking in every way – appealing to both adults and children in equal measure – using phenomenal technology to deliver a fantastic story. Now you can preorder a complete set for only £22.97 from Tesco Entertainment.

The third movie had most of the adults I know in tears, men included. What a fantastic addition to the series. I’ll be honest, I wasn’t expecting much because sequels nowadays seem to be these hideous disasters that utterly destroy the ideas of the original (Highlanders 2-3 anyone?).

This is a fab movie that I am definitely going to be buying to add to our collection. I can’t believe that the year has gone so fast that it is already out on preorder! If you don’t own the first two then this particular set will be a ImageProxywinner.

It will make a great Christmas present, or just a lovely family treat for those cold and wintery evenings that are about to come swooping in.

Thanks to silkenlaydee at HUKD!

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