Thomas and Friends Songs From Sodor £2.99 @ CDWOW

11 June 2011

thomasAndFriendsSongsFromSodor You're either going to love me or hate me for bringing this Thomas and Friends 'Songs from Sodor' DVD to your attention.

Listen, it could be worse!  It could be on a CD which would, of course, end up being played in the car over and over and over - at least this is on DVD and will remain confined to the house. Unless you have DVD players in your car, in which case...sorry.

My youngest will be five years old next month and he's well and truly done with Thomas now.

I asked him if he wanted me to read him 'Alfie' the other night and he said, "No thanks, Alfie and Thomas are for babies, I'm not a baby anymore - how about Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets?"

There are 18 songs on this Thomas and Friends 'Songs from Sodor' DVD and it'll cost you £2.99 (that's delivered too) if you buy it from CDWOW; Asda are selling it for £4.94 and Very have it on sale for £6 without delivery.

Thanks to jojogogo at HUKD

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