The 'Big Sale' Now Online @ HMV

The 'Big Sale' Now Online @ HMV

If Father Christmas didn't bring you that CD or DVD you asked for then worry no more, the HMV 'Big Sale' has just started and includes some absolute bargains! Their CDs start from £4.99 and that is most of the chart bestsellers. You can also pick up the latest DVDs starting from just £2.99!

There are plenty of CD's* included in the sale. Here are a few of the bestsellers:

The big DVD* sale includes several Box Sets and there are also plenty of Blu-Rays* reduced. Here are a couple of the bestsellers in the DVD and Blu-Ray department:

There are plenty more items to choose from, and although some of the DVD/Blu-Ray prices are very similar to Amazon, at HMV you get free delivery on orders over £10 unlike Amazon where you have to spend a minimum of £20.

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