The Batmobile Suitcase: Holidays Will Never Be The Same

The Batmobile Suitcase

The makers of this awesome Batmobile suitcase are missing a trick by making it for kids, as there will be lots of adults who would want one I'm sure.

The Batmobile Suitcase is a replica of the newest version of the Batmobile from the upcoming film Batman v Superman that's out at Easter.

It has four working wheels so that you can wheel it along on it's end like a normal wheeled suitcase, or on all four so that you have it trundling along behind you like the coolest case there ever was.

The only drawback seems to be that it doesn't look like it will hold an awful lot, but for short trips, overnight stays or maybe carry-on luggage (depending on the dimensions) this might be ideal.

This Batmobile Suitcase will be available from May in the US for $100 and as yet there is no news on a UK supplier, but we will be keeping our eyes open for this one.

In the meantime we'll have to make do with this Vintage Batman Weekend Bag*, and that's plenty cool enough for me.

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