Tangled DVD £9.99 @ Sainsburys


Tangled is the awesome animated film about Rapunzel, albeit with a few, um, tweaks, and is just magical, funny and genius. A spark of the old Disney magic is in this film and for £9.99 you can now nab yourself a copy from Sainsburys.

Tangled is the classic Brother’s Grimm tale retold with a modern spin and that Disney spun sugar – no scary heebie jeebies here – but in spite of these limitations it is a film that shines and entertains. I was surprisingly immersed in the movie when I took my tot to see it, and will happily get it for her birthday.

Tangled stars Mandy Moore as the long-haired princess with the hair that heals, Zachary Levi, Donna Murphy, Ron Perlman and Richard Kiel. It really is enchantingly funny and my little girl just loves it, she desperately wants the movie for herself.

This deal isn’t exactly a wallet buster, but it is a nice saving compared to some other sites.

Thanks to BaSe at HUKD!

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