Stranger Things Inspired Clog Charms £6.99 @ Wowcher

Add them to your Crocs!
Stranger Things Inspired Clog Charms £6.99 @ Wowcher

If you know a Stranger Things fan you have to see these amazing Stranger Things Inspired Clog Charms! You can get a set of 10 for just £6.99 from Wowcher so you can add them to your Crocs to show your love of the show.

This is a set of 10 (though we think they're missing a trick by not making it 11) PVC charms, sized between 2-3.5cm each, that are designed to attach to your Crocs or clogs.

They're a mix of Stranger Things inspired designs including the show's logo, a 'Friends Don't Lie' fairy light heart, a Demogorgon, lots of the characters from the show and more.

It's really easy to order as you buy a voucher from Wowcher, play the £2.99 delivery charge, and when you receive your voucher you just follow the link to go to the retailers website to order with your voucher, so you pay a highly discounted rate.

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This offer is for a limited time and while stocks last.


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