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21 September 2010

poncho Oh for goodness SAKE! What is it with deals today?! Everything I see, my youngest would LOVE - this Star Wars: Clone Wars Trooper hooded poncho is no exception.

My youngest has swimming lessons on a Friday afternoon and he thinks it's utterly hilarious to come and give me a HUGE hug when he's soaking wet, to see how wet my t-shirt is when he lets go.

"HAHAHA, you're almost as wet as me now Mum and YOU haven't even been in the water!" ...yeah, totally hilarious.

BUT, he might think twice about doing that if he had a rather cool Star Wars Clone Wars Trooper poncho to put on, the moment he gets out of the water!

Ok, so I know I'm kidding myself and that it would be: soak mum with a big wet chlorine hug first, THEN put on super cool Star Wars Clone Wars Trooper poncho *sigh*

It measures 50cm x 115cm and would be easy peasy to just sling in the swimming bag every week.

Of course you could also use it at home after bath time, or on the beach (although not until next year now, unless you're going somewhere hot for Crimbo!)

Delivery is free and Play are giving it away for £4.99 instead of £9.99; bargain!

Thanks to Natz85 over at HUKD

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