Something Special: Where Are You Now Mr Tumble DVD £5.49 @ Play

Something Special: Where Are You Now Mr Tumble DVD £5.49 @ Play

This Something Special: Where Are You Now Mr Tumble? DVD is £5.49 at Play, HMV and Amazon at the moment (price war for Mr Tumble anyone?!), the next cheapest price I could find was £7.20 at Base and Zavvi, with it going up to close to the £10 mark on the virtual shelves at Sainsbury's.

(or HERE for HMVand HERE for Amazon if you prefer)

There are some children's TV programmes that are just brilliant; Something Special is one of them.

The whole concept is fabulous and everyone in the family loved watching it, when my youngest was young enough not to have been stolen away by the 'bright marketing lights' of Ben 10, Transformers, Tom and Jerry and Garfield.

It was the Mr Tumble sketches that I longed for; absolute comedy genius.

By far my favourite was when Mr Tumble went to his local library - lots of the Tumble family were there reading books, including a guest appearance by Cliff Tumble! I bet you didn't know Cliff Richard had a Tumble cousin did you!

It was one of the funniest things I've seen on kids TV and, if I'm honest, will be heading over to YouTube just now to see if it's there.

There's no delivery to pay with either Play, HMV or Amazon so it's entirely up to you who you give your money too for this one.

Thanks (a lot!) to goonertillidie at HUKD


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