The Sopranos Complete Seasons 1 - 6 £40.99 @

The Sopranos Complete Seasons 1 - 6 £40.99 @

I think I must be one of the few people on the planet who has never watched The Sopranos - not one single episode; someone once told me this was more criminal than some of the things the Soprano family get up to and that I should remedy the situation immediately.

Perhaps I should take advantage of this The Sopranos Complete Seasons 1 - 6 deal with for £40.99, rather than £127.99.

So I think there is a Joey Soprano...? I really have no clue...

...sorry, TONY Soprano (I did some quick research) and he's the head of a Mafia family who's trying to juggle family life with being the boss of a lot of dodgy Italian criminals.  It really doesn't sound like my sort of thing but, apparently, it's pretty much everyone's cup of tea who watches it.

Eighty six episodes make up The Sopranos Complete Season 1 - 6 - that's rather a lot of viewing time and would keep me out of trouble for a fair while! I'm tempted, I have to say, but I'm not sure if I can stand 86 hours of 'bada bing' speak; however, if you know someone who IS a Sopranos fan then buying them this box set could earn you some serious brownie points.

It's in stock and usually despatch within 24 hours, there's nothing else to pay either as the £40.99 includes delivery.

Thanks to dvdaddict at HUKD


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