Skylanders Spyro's Adventure Case £9.99 & Free Delivery @Game

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This Skylanders Spyro's Adventure case is just £9.99 at Game right now, and delivery is free. That's a significantly better deal than I've seen it anywhere else online, so grab it while it's hot!

I love this snazzy little case, with a passion. Why, I hear you cry? Because I am sick and tired (such a 'Mum' phrase, that...) of tripping over the Skylanders that are invariably strewn all over the floor in our playroom. My kids do have a couple of little storage containers which they're supposed to put the characters away in, but they're also supposed to brush their teeth twice a day without me nagging them and, well, you can guess how often that happens.

For reasons that I don't quite understand, my lads love to get all the characters out and dot them around the floor so they can survey their troops and quickly change tack when they're playing Skylanders, but I reckon that a storage case like this might just make them that teeny bit more inclined to tidy them away after a hard afternoon protecting Skylands and their magical anthropomorphic heroes from Kaos.

This stores up to 32 Skylanders along with the Portal of Power, and comes with a gaming mat, too.

And did I mention that delivery is free? Nice.

With thanks to busymum101 @HUKD

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