Sex And The City Complete Box Set £39.85 @ Zavvi

26 September 2010

sex1 GIRLS! (and boys, if you like it...not met one yet though!) Zavvi have Sex and the City complete series 1 - 6 box sets up for grabs!

Sunday evenings are either great for TV or they're rubbish. If there's nothing on worth watching but you want to indulge in some TV watching, that doesn't require any thought - just good old fashioned 'vegging' then a Sex in the City box set is just the thing to have on stand-by!

sexCity2I always found Sex and the City the perfect antidote to all of the above and if you have never watched it then I urge you to remedy this tragedy right away!  Based around 4 strong female characters – Carrie, Miranda, Charlotte and Samantha -  each episode has all the ingredients to whisk you away for half an hour at a time  into a world of girly fashion, love, laughter  and friendship.

Slashed from £99.99 to just £39.85, with free postage too, every single episode is here for you to indulge in when the kids have gone to bed:  peace and quiet after a crazy day, pyjamas, hot chocolate, Sex and the City = the perfect cure for just about everything!

Thanks to amibees over at HUKD!

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