Senna DVD £6 @ HMV

Senna DVD £6 @ HMV

HMV win a gold star for having the lowest price for the Senna on DVD - you can pick up a copy for just £6 (delivery is free too).

I remember exactly where I was, and what was going on in my life, the day that Ayrton Senna crashed into that wall at Imola and lost his life.  My dad works for Ferrari F1 and having spent at least the last 25 years watching F1 races, for my money, Ayrton Senna remains the best driver the sport has ever seen.

All of that said, I wasn't overly fussed about seeing the Senna movie when it was released at the cinema.  I just didn't think it would, or could, be very good - bits of archive footage and interviews from the big guns in Formula one, cobbled together really didn't sound overly exciting...even for an F1 girl like me!

However, when my dad brought a copy home with him from Italy at Christmas time, I put it in the DVD player to kill some time and see what it was all about - it was, and is, one of the MOST COMPELLING films/documentaries I've ever watched!

It is so well put together, if you didn't know Ayrton Senna wasn't alive any more you wouldn't know until you saw him stretchered off the track, followed by scenes of the national outpouring of grief in Brazil.

If you are, or know, an F1 fan then they're going to love Senna on DVD; if you only have a passing interest in F1, you'll be glued to it too.

Happy remembering the genius that was Ayrton Senna 


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