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28 August 2010

scooby1 It's a bit like a trip down memory lane for me this morning, first there was the Very Hungry Caterpillar and now Scooby Doo!

I remember watching Scooby Doo on TV as a kid with my mum. She loved him more than we did, I'm sure, as she'd stop whatever it was she was doing and sit down with us to watch.

Scooby was, no IS, her favourite - in fact, she has a Scooby Doo hot water bottle!  Scooby was my favourite too, Daphne was too girly for me and as for Thelma...well she just got on my nerves going on about her glasses all the time!

This Scooby Doo Mystery Machine DVD box set contains 10 discs, and the Mystery Machine is actually the presentation box which I think is pretty cool (that's the team's van for those who have no idea what the Mystery Machine is).

scooby2I was most tickled by this review on left by someone who received this box set as a pressie, I think they sum it up rather well so I'll give them the final word...

This is an absolute MUST buy! My younger sister brought me this at Christmas and I'm 18! I Loved it and couldn't ask for a better present!!

Thanks to bitsnbobsbuyer over at HUKD!

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