Robots DVD £2.74 @

Robots DVD £2.74 @

RobotsI only know the TV series of this, with the main voice talent of Lenny Henry. And it is one of the few children's cartoons I love watching. More importantly, my son loves it too. I had no idea there was a movie out there, and at this price it will make a great addition to my box of stuff for the summer holidays (marked 'in case of rain'!).

The movie sounds just as enjoyable as the TV show, and it has an impressive cast of voices. Ewan Macgregor, Robin Williams and Halle Berry. Plus roles from Mel Brooks and the awesomely talented Jim Broadbent.

This is the storyline to the movie. Rodney Copperbottom (McGregor) is a small town robot who has a gift for inventing things and a hope of moving beyond his quaint surroundings. He works side by side in a restaurant with his dad who is a dishwasher - literally a dishwasher. You open his chest and load in the dishes.

Rodney has dreams of something greater. Armed with his unique talent for inventing, Rodney embarks on a journey to Robot City to meet his idol, the majestic inventor Bigweld (Mel Brooks). An iconic figure in all of Robot City, Bigweld has spent a lifetime creating things to make the lives of robots better.

Once in Robot City, Rodney finds that things are not quite as he expected, and his quest may be a lot harder than he imagined.

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  • Lynsey
    The movie isn't the same as the series at all! It's cgi and the series is stop frame also none of the same characters etc...
    • katrina
      Hi the TV program is nothing like this film. The TV program with the voice of Lenny Henry is Little Robots with Tiny, Rusty, Spotty, Sporty, Stripy, Scary, the Sparky twins and Noisy.It was on CBBC and is still on their website. This Robots DVD is your average American fable, small town boy fights a few baddies and comes good. Please do not confuse the two.
      • Lynley O.
        Well yes but I did make that clear. Actually just watched the movie on ITV and yeah it is the usual sort of story but it was still fairly watchable. Not a patch on the TV show but then you don't expect that from a big budget commercial production.