Pregalates - Pilates For Pregnancy

pregalates When I was pregnant the first time I was busy renovating a house... so exercise wasn't on my agenda.

When I was pregnant the second time I had a tiny baby to look after (there's exactly a year between my eldest two) exercise wasn't on my agenda.

When I was pregnant the third time...I don't have an excuse for the third time but exercise never quite made it to my agenda.

I'm glad to say that my baby making days are well and truly over, I think I've done my bit for the continuation of the human race, so it's over to YOU.

The tricky thing with pregnancy and exercise is knowing what you can and can't do, and how you should and shouldn't do various exercises.

You want something gentle enough that doesn't leave you feeling exhausted because, let's face it, we can do that during pregnancy without doing any exercise!

Pregalates could be the soluton.

It's basically Pilates for pregnancy and has been put together by Tasha Lawton, a personal trainer and TV fitness instructor, and there are a series of DVDs to take you safely exercising through each trimester.

The best thing of all, I think, is that Tasha is actually at the stage of pregnancy that each DVD is aimed at, so she's 'right there with you' so to speak.

There are four DVDs covering the three trimesters and one for after the baby is born and they're recommended by midwives.  Each DVD costs £14.99, if you buy all four at the same time you'll save 15% on the total cost and if you have to have them now, TODAY, then you can even download them straight to your computer.

Happy preggars exercising!

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