Pre-Order Love Island The Game For Just £14.99 @ Firebox & IWOOT

Pre-Order Love Island The Game
Pre-Order Love Island The Game For Just £14.99 @ Firebox & IWOOT

Oooh now this I am getting! I am a huge Love Island fan as are many of my friends so Love Island The Game sounds right up my street! I feel a games night coming on!

You can pre-order this game for just £14.99 at either IWOOT or Firebox. I am sure it is going to sell fast as Love Island is now more popular than ever before.

So what is the game all about? Well it sounds pretty similar to the show...

Perfect for singles or couples, pair up and take on some hot challenges and see if you can be crowned the ultimate Love Island Couple. You too can experience ‘Love Island Life’ with ‘Spin the Bottle’ where you will compete in the Couples Quiz, Sexiest Pub Quiz Ever, Sexy Charades or Physical Challenges.

It is suitable for 4 players, aged 16+, the game comes complete with rules, challenge cards, chalkboard cards, chalk and spin the bottle spinner.

I don't know about you but I'm pre-ordering right away! Stock is expected from the 22nd June at Firebox and 29th June at IWOOT.


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  • Jane C.

    For the staff room at lunchtime ?? X

    • Megan H.

      Oh man that defo looks a good game :joy::joy:

      • Mollie P.

        This show is taking over ahaha

        • Samantha P.

          Ummmm yes!!!!! With gin :cocktail::cocktail:

          • Ruth H.

            Ahhhhh no that means I have to admit I watch it :joy:

            • Gillian S.

              I am planning a game night now!

              • Ashley B.

                You know me to well, gutted I’m stuck in a caravan in Scarborough with no love island... I can’t cope NOT!!!!

                • Jane P.

                  Perfect for my birthday :wink:

                  • Tara O.

                    I love the programme but not sure id wanna play the game - its just so entertaining watching people make complete arses of themselves!!

                    • Erika C.

                      Sexy charades:joy::joy::joy::joy:

                      • Nikki W.

                        could you imagine

                        • Lisa A.

                          Ha! Love Island night round mine it is! :joy:

                          • Alice D.

                            Girls night in :raised_hands_tone1::raised_hands_tone1:

                            • Siobhan C.

                              Would be good with a bottle of gin! Xx

                              • Cheralyn L.

                                Lol I watched last one but not this one lol

                                • Carla L.

                                  It does say it's for singles and couples. Have fun girls :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

                                  • Amanda F.

                                    Omg that be well fun :grinning::grinning:

                                    • Anna J.

                                      Hahaha love the sound of this!! :grin:

                                      • Rebecca M.

                                        That’s got Friday night fizz written all over it!! :joy:

                                        • Kim C.

                                          Yes! For our games night!xx