Mr and Mrs Potato Head £3.49 @ Argos

Mr and Mrs Potato Head £3.49 @ Argos

Mr and Mrs Potato Head Argos

Mr and Mrs Potato Head are on offer at £3.49, half their original £6.99 at Argos

Have you ever heard the story about the guy who turned down shares for a Personal Computer company as he figured it would never take off?

Well, that's a bit like me, except I wasn't offered shares. I received an email in the summer saying 'Toy Story 3 is going to be the biggest movie of summer' or something along those lines, and offering review samples of various Toy Story 3 items. I passed on the offer, since I quite liked instalments one and two, but really, three is just overkill. Well, I'm eating those words now. Toy Story 3 is still everywhere.

Mr and Mrs Potato Head are said to encourage creativity, as you can swap and change body parts, facial features and accessories to make all sorts of wacky combinations and expressions!

The box contains a potato body, two arms, nose, pair of shoes, set of teeth, moustache, ears, hat, pair of eyes, pair of glasses and tongue.

A word of caution though – you can specify when reserving whether you want a Mr or Mrs and it seems to be a bit luck of the draw. There's no home delivery on this item though, so you can at least double check you have what you want and ask for an exchange while you're in store.

Thanks to Hengy01 at HUKD


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