Postman Pat Special Delivery Service Complete DVD Collection £7.99 @ Sainsbury's Entertainment

If you pop over to Sainsbury's Entertainment you'll be able to pick up a Postman Pat Special Delivery Service Complete Collection on DVD for just £7.99.

I felt sure I'd told you about various Postman Pat DVD collections before but, having searched through the PlayPennies archives, it would seem not - how incredibly remiss of me!

I say it's remiss because my youngest son absolutely adored Postman Pat when he was in the target age range.  I loved watching it with him, probably because I Postman Pat had cult status at my school during my final year - Postman Pat, along with Fireman Sam, was almost compulsory viewing when us 15 - 16-year-olds got home.

Don't ask me why, because I don't remember, I just recall going back to my friend Helen's house and eating toast whilst watching Pat or Sam!

Anyway, watching Postman Pat on DVD with Edward was just lovely - we had lots of Postman Pat DVDs and with this  Postman Pat Special Delivery Service Complete Collection there are six DVDs featuring an awesome seven hours of Pat entertainment for you to enjoy.

Standard UK delivery is freeee; hurrah!

Thanks to chesterdrawers at HUKD

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