Pirates Of The Caribbean Trilogy Set £9.74 @ Tesco Entertainment

Pirates Of The Caribbean Trilogy Set £9.74 @ Tesco Entertainment


The Pirates of the Caribbean caused such a stir when the first film came out. Johnny Depp’s stunningly insane performance as the pirate captain, Orlando Bloom freshly hot and sexy off the LOTR fairy press, and Keira Knightly looking splendidly pretty. It was the sexiest pirate movie ever, and now the entire series of three are down to £9.74 at Tesco Entertainment.

So, while the first movie was a rush and a gambol and a laugh a minute, the following two films were not quite as good. I must confess that while I enjoyed parts of the third one, I thought it was really poorly made and felt extremely lacklustre. Seriously – would you wait 10 years to see the man you loved for only one day?

However, even if you’re not a fan of all three films, kids absolutely love them and the first remains a solid classic to this day. These are a great buy for the family DVD collection and brilliant for watching on those lazy, rainy Sunday afternoons.

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Voucher Code: FTSL15-1

Amount: 15% discount

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