Pingu DVDs £1.93 Or Less @ The Hut

Pingu DVDs £1.93 Or Less @ The Hut

pingu2Who doesn't love Pingu?  He's a firm favourite among young and old alike and The Hut are practically GIVING AWAY collections of his greatest episodes on DVD.

I've lost track of how many times I've watched these DVDs and I have to say they're as amusing now as they were the first time I watched them.  The cheeky little penguin gets up to all sorts of mischief and mayhem with his good pals Pingo and Robbie the seal  - their 'arguement' over fish and who has cetain fishing rights is pure comedy genius, not to mention the other trials and tribulations of childhood such as the perils of potty training, the torment of tidying up and the agony of sibling rivalry.

Much is made of kids tv programmes where the characters don't actually use proper spoken language, however there is good reason for this - it makes it extremely easy for young children, or for those whose first language isn't English, to understand and follow the stories. There are 24 episodes on the Pingu Forever! (The Ultimate Pingu Collection) DVD and 9 on Pingu The Snowboarder and both are now priced at £1.93 each (they were £12.79)

pingu1BUT WAIT! Before you go rushing off to The Hut!  If you are the patient type, and can wait up to a couple of days, then you could drop this price to 93 pence! Sign up to The Hut's newsletter and, by way of thanks, they'll email you a voucher giving you £1 off a purchase, MEEP MEEP!  Ok so that sounds more like Road Runner when you say it, but how many ways ARE there to spell celebrity TV bird speak?!

Thanks to andywedge over at HUKD!


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