Peppa Pig: Polka Dot Single Bed £54.99 @

1 July 2011


There’s £65 off this Peppa Pig Polk Dot Single Bed at right now, bringing it to £54.99 instead of £119.99

We spent ages recently trying to find a single bed for my daughter. We settled on one that was over £100 but came with it’s own mattress – this was a mistake! While the bed is fab, the mattress is a nightmare. If either of us tries to lie down next to her, we have springs in our backs! While it seems fine for her – she’s light enough not to make much of a dent in the mattress, it definitely won’t be suitable long term, and if we ever did this again, we’d just buy a frame we liked and get our own mattress with it.

This Peppa Pig single bed has a Polka Dot design MDF headboard and the rest of it is made from steel. It is 199cm x W91cm x H35cm, making it an ideal first bed as it’s easy to get onto and off of at that height.

Play dispatch within 24 hours (Another bonus. We had to wait 28 days for ours!)

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