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24 April 2010

wildthings I love this idea. An entire section of discounted DVDs under the theme of From the Page to the Screen – a celebration of literary adaptations. Of course, as with any of these, there is a measure of risk that the movie won’t add up to the magic of the book, but when you see these prices you may not care.

Some of the movies are fabulous like the Harry Potter ones (only the last one was a complete and utter disaster) and the original Pride and Prejudice (damp Colin Firth anyone?). Others may be more of a risk like the Keira Knightly version of Pride and Prejudice (aaargh) or Where the Wild Things Are. Although I have to confess to lovilovelybonesng the latter completely and utterly – all the way down to James Gandolfini’s voice providing exactly the right levels of menace.

Titles include Return to Cranford, Invictus, Frost/Nixon, Lark Rise to Candleford, No Country for Old Men (excellent), Doubt, Precious and plenty more. You can even pre-order a copy of the Lovely Bones (if you are made of stern stuff) with a 40% discount.

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