Outnumbered Series 1 £5.10 @ Tesco Entertainment

Outnumbered Series 1 £5.10 @ Tesco Entertainment

outnumbered2If you've never watched Outnumbered then I SERIOUSLY urge you to buy this DVD right now!

If your family life seems to be spiralling out of control or it all gets a bit much sometimes then a few episodes of Outnumbered are all you need to restore your sense of humour; you'll end up feeling that you're not alone OR that you've got it easy and things could in fact be a whole lot worse.

Outnumbered is one of my favourite comedies ever.  It features Hugh Dennis as the long suffering father and Claire Skinner, the mother, who are outnumbered by their three kids who run rings round them both in style!

outnumbered1I know I'm gushing but it's just a piece of comedy genius that will have you nodding in empathy and sympathy, cringing because you know what's coming next (and have probably experienced similar) and laughing hysterically because you're just glad it's not you.

A lot of the script is improvised and I have nothing but admiration for the child actors and their frightening talent and the kamikaze bravery of Hugh Dennis and Claire Skinner who would often, I'm sure, have no idea what on earth the kids were going to come out with next.

This is the perfect antidote to a hard day's parenting, especially with a glass of wine in your hand and the kids safely tucked up in bed.

Use this discount code to drop the advertised price of £6 to £5.10 - FTSL15-1 -  and delivery is free too, yipppeee!

Thanks to millarcat over at HUKD!


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