Open Season 1 & 2 £5.85 @ The Hut


In 2006 the first of these two movies, Open Season, popped into existence. It follows the adventures of a domesticated grizzly bear with an addiction to sweets. It’s funny, charming and extremely entertaining, definitely one for those drizzly summer holiday days. Down to only £5.58 for both movies at The Hut, it’s a total bargain.

Right, so to go into more detail. This bear, Boog, has his lovely perfect world turned upside down when his owner sends him out into the wild. He meets other animals, causes general mayhem, and learns how to be a real bear along the way.

There are some delightful moments in this film that had me laughing out loud and my daughter chuckling like a loon. If you haven’t seen it then this is really quite cute. Also, for this price, it’s another lovely set to slip into your Present Cupboard for emergencies.

I haven’t seen part two myself, but I’ve been told by tots that it is “very funny”. I’m not sure if they are movie critics in the making or not, but it’s worth the risk at this price.

Thanks to millarcat at HUKD!

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