The Mummy Trilogy On Blu Ray DVD £9.95 @ Zavvi

If you head over to Zavvi, you can pick up The Mummy trilogy on Blu ray DVD for £9.95, rather than £39.04.

If ever there was a series of movies that my, now seventeen-year-old, daughter has watched over and over, and over, then it's those that make up The Mummy franchise! I don't know what it is about them that 'talks' to her, but if any of them are on TV, you can guarantee that she'll either watch them or, if she's busy, record them to watch later!

I'm going to buy this trilogy DVD set for her, not so she can watch them (I know that doesn't make sense) but as more of a comedy present - maybe you have to share our family sense of irony to understand why that would be funny.

Anyway, if you've never come across The Mummy movies then basically it's about Egyptian treasure hunters who pillage an ancient Egyptian tomb and unleash it's mummy, who comes back to life and wants to bring his bride back to life too.

It all sounds a bit Hammer House of Horror, I know, but they're actually quite good (and I should know, I've watched them a fair few times too!) and are suitable for older children who won't get freaked out by Mummies and the odd scarab beetle here and there!

Thanks to Lazz at HUKD

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