Marvel, Disney & Star Wars 3D Lights From £23 @ Very

Marvel, Disney & Star Wars 3D Lights From £23 @ Very

If you want to give your child's room a new look then one of these wonderful 3D lights could make a really fun addition, and they are all redcued at Very. There are lots of different designs on offer and prices start from just £23. There's Olaf from Frozen, Marvel lights like Spider-man, Iron Man, Captain America, Hulk and Thor, plus lots of Star Wars lights as well.

These are battery powered LED lights, so that means that you can pop them on the wall with a picture hook wherever you want them to go, without being stuck with trailing wires or needing extra plug sockets. LED lights also don't get hot to the touch so are safer around children, although these are still not recommended for under 3's because of small parts.

The crackle effect is from a sticker that you place on the wall around the light so that it looks like they are bursting through the wall into the room! The best use of that was the marvel ones I think - Hulk's fist and Thor's hammer punching through look really effective.

My son has the Boba Fett light and I must say that it's even better than I was hoping for. It's much bigger than I expected, really detailed, and the light looks amazing when it's on. I have my eye on the Marvel ones myself, so we just have to decide which to choose! We have our own Civil War going on in our house thouhg as I'm #TeamCap and the rest are #TeamIronMan. Let's see who wins...


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  • Nicky T.

    how cool are these ? X

    • Elaine M.

      These are fab, we have the dath Vader and thore hammer ones. My boys love them xx

      • Alex B.

        how cool is dearth Vader?!! X

        • Kat G.

          These are amazing aren't they!

          • Kylie R.

            so cool!

            • Shelley C.

              they're cheap again!

              • Adam W.

                There so sick !!! Xx

                • LadyGinny B.

                  The boys have got these on their

                  • Georgina B.

                    I thought so just didn't no if they had them all and they are on sale xx

                    • LadyGinny B.

                      Haven't got spider

                      • LadyGinny B.

                        £23 :scream: Paid loads for theirs, had them imported from America, U.K. Didn't do them

                        • Emma S.

                          they have star wars

                          • Emma W.

                            I love these xx

                            • Susanne A.

                              My daughter has Cap's shield

                              • Jo N.

                                Hope you don't mind me asking but are these suitable as a night light ? Or do they eat batteries ? Thanks.

                                • Susanne A.

                                  Jo we use it as a nightlight and the batteries last well, although they're fiddly to replace.

                                  • Helen L.

                                    We have the shield too. Really easy to install, and just enough of a gentle glow to use as a night light. Although use good quality batteries, ikea ones only last 3 nights :see_no_evil:

                                  • Natalie H.

                                    I've seen these before!!! Tempted to get the Avengers ones! Haha xx

                                    • Fiona C.

                                      , we saw these last week? How fab do they look?

                                      • Ross C.

                                        Yeah they are AWESOME!

                                      • Sally C.

                                        We got the hulk one :) might have to get more tho x

                                        • Jayne L.

                                          Good price xx

                                          • Simon G.

                                            That's what I wanted to get lex x

                                            • Hayley B.

                                              Awesome :) cheers mate xx