Making A Murderer: FREE Steven Avery Trial Transcripts

FREE Steven Avery Trial Transcripts

Have you seen the Netflix series 'Making a Murderer'? If you haven't I bet you have heard of it. All over the world this real-life documentary about one man's struggle to get of prison for a crime he claims he did not commit, is being talked about. I watched the first episode and was sucked in.

Do I think Steven Avery is innocent? Many people, in fact most people who have watched 'Making a Murderer' would say yes. I am on the fence though, so I am delighted that you can now read the Steven Avery Trial Transcripts for FREE.

It's most certainly an interesting true life story, one that I would like to delved deeper into, as would most people who have watched the programme. My husband is obsessed with it all, and has many theories what may have happened.

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Let us know below exactly what you think. Is Steven Avery innocent?

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