LoveFilm UK DVD Rentals: Free 60 Day Trial

19 September 2010

LoveFilm UK Dvd Rentals

How often do your kids watch movies? My son loves to pick up a DVD to watch from the library as a treat. Even at the discount price of £1.60 I am still thinking that works out expensive in the long run. Plus the library rarely has the lastest releases. With this voucher you get a free 60 day trial with LoveFilm UK DVD rentals.

Click here for a free 60 day trial with LoveFilm UK DVD rentals

  • Discount: £35
  • Minimum Spend: £0.00
  • Discount Code: C6XWK4K7F

When you go to the site (click on the link above), click on the Start Free Trial button or link. Enter your email and password, and click on 'Promotional or Gift Code'. Enter the code in here, and then click Continue. On the next page you'll see a note that you're 'about to start your free 60 day trial'. Which is two months worth of rentals.

After that you can choose your package. It is easy to see why this type of rental scheme is putting high street rentals out of business. There's no late fees (which gets a big YAY from me! I have far too many bad memories of huge Blockbusters late return fees!), and you can choose a package to watch the movie online as well. According to  the site, the most popular package is £12.99 a month for two discs at a time (you can get another as soon as one disc is returned), and unlimited online viewing.

Thanks to lydiajohnson1 at HUKD!


  • Brian
    You can also go through quidco - they'll pay you £15 to complete the trial ;)
  • Darryl
    One better, here's a code for a 90 day trial. LFZZ98763
  • Richard
    Wont that voucher code invalidate your quidco claim though...
    That 90-day code (LFZZ98763) doesnt work.
  • Darryl
    Try this one T9MNNH8QX. When you put it in, it states the 90day trial. Or does it only tell you when you go to complete it?

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