Lego Clock Radio @ £14.99

28 June 2010

legoClock If you have a BIG Lego fan in your household then here's the ultimate in BIG Lego pieces!

Whilst I love playing with Lego, I can't see one of these Lego clock radios gracing my bedside table any time soon but if you're a kid you're bound to love it!

The ultimate example of GIANT Lego this clock radio is 10 times as big as a standard Lego block.

It does all the things that a usual clock radio does - it tells the time, obviously and it can be tuned in to your favourite FM and AM radio stations (I've never really understood, or found any channels, on the AM frequency...maybe someone could enlighten me!).

The LCD display has a backlight and the alarm has a snooze function.  It plugs in to the mains and has a battery backup so you don't lose the time if the power goes off (the blurb doesn't say whether or not the batteries for the backup are included, but I'll hedge my bets and say probably not).

The two Lego knobs on the top control the tuning and the volume which I think is a rather nice touch.

Play have reduced the price of this from £19.99 down to £14.99 and there's no delivery to pay - if you were to buy this from the Science Museum it would cost you £30 and £4.95 postage...I think we'll stick with don't you!

Thanks to SlayerKat over at HUKD


  • SlayerKat
    Great post ;) BTW, did you know if you purchase the Boombox by Lego (it's a CD player) it fits on top of each other like Lego does, cool eh?
  • Sarah K.
    NO WAY! OK, now I want one ;-)

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