James Bond: 22 DVD Ultimate Collectors Set £59.99 @ HMV

6 June 2010

bond There are so many lines from Bond films I could have used to kick this post off with....

...but instead I'll just remind you girls that there are only two weeks left until Father's Day.

I don't know any man who hasn't wanted to be James Bond at some point in his life and who can blame them?!  They say that your favourite Bond is generally the first one you remember and I reckon I can go along with that - Roger Moore was mine and his Bond will always have a special place in my heart.

daniel-craig-james-bondHaving said that, I think there's enough room to fit Daniel Craig in there - I wasn't sure he was going to 'right' for the role of 007 but then I saw the movie and.....well, I was an instant convert!  Which is more than can be said for Timothy Dalton and Pierce Brosnan's efforts,their 'Bonds' didn't do anything for me.

I could go on but let me tell you about the boxset before I totally blow my word count out of the water (in an epic James Bond stylee of course!).  It has ALL 22 of the James Bond movies nicely boxed together as a complete set - what more is there to say? If you do the maths you're getting each movie for the bargain price of £2.72681818 *grin* The rrp is double that but HMV have slashed the price from £114.99 to £59.99.

There's no delivery to pay if  you live within the UK and HMV will usually dispatch your order within 24 hours - now see if you can get the Bond theme out of your head *dun du-du-du-duuun dun-dun-dun* (that's my best effort of spelling it...there were at least three tries before that!)

Thanks to millarcat over at HUKD!

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