iTunes Vouchers 50% Off @ Tesco

iTunes Vouchers 50% Off @ Tesco

iTunesThis is a bit of a heads up for you Tesco clubcard holders who happen to be iTunes users too – for £12.50's worth of Clubcard points, you will be able to buy a £25.00 iTunes tokens.

Sometimes buying someone a voucher is a bit of a lame thing to do, but other times, it's fantastic. I'm one of those saddo's who'd rather have a £10.00 voucher to buy something I want, than a £50.00 gift I could have happily existed without. Unless you know me and know what I want. There's definitely something to be said for unwrapping gifts – but I'm getting side tracked.

From 6 December, Tesco are offering Clubcard holders the chance to exchange Clubcard vouchers for iTunes tokens. There's not much additional information about this on the website yet, except to say that stocks are limited – to 16000, apparently – and you can keep track of how many are left on the page.

So, a great idea for the person who either already has 'everything' or who you honestly just don't know what's already on their iPod.

Bookmark this one for the 6th!

Thanks to Barky at HUKD


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  • Ben
    Vouchers are worth 3 x towards other rewards, so it might be worth mentioning that it may be best to first check out the other rewards on offer (e.g. restaurant vouchers). If you, for example, dine out at one of their partners, you'd be effectively exchanging vouchers worth £37.50 for a £25.00 voucher.
    • Worisu
      Can't buy many apps or songs off of iTunes with restaurant vouchers though can you? This is pointing out a deal for iTunes vouchers. People who exchange there Clubcard vouchers for offers know whats available, this is purely to highlight this deal.
      • Dan
        I was expecting this offer to start on the 6th December but so far it hasn't. Moreover it's limited to 16000 vouchers and with people able to get a maximum of 10 I can see this offer running out as soon as it starts. Any ideas when the offer will be available so I can try to get to the front of the queue?!