IPod Festival Chair £12.99 @ Play.com

29 June 2010

ipodChair If music be the food of love....then you're going to LOVE this iPod festival chair!

The normal versions of these chairs are fabulous - if you've ever scoffed at people who picnic with them or go to outdoor concerts/events with them slung over their shoulders then you need to think again.

They are lightweight, super portable, dead comfy to sit in AND have two holders for  your drinks - no more putting your plastic pint 'glass' on the grass, getting bits in it or knocking it over!

BUT with this iPod festival chair you get even more, yes MORE I tell you!

Not only is it all, and has all, of the things I've already mentioned, it also has a built in Hi Fi amplifier and speakers so you can plug in your iPod and listen to your music. Now, my first thought was 'what a gimmick! If you've got an iPod why not just listen to it through the headphones instead of inflicting your music on the rest of the world!'

BUT, what if you're in the garden at home, you want to listen to the music on your 'pod but need to keep an ear out of the phone or the kids whilst they're playing? You can either have one ear doofer in and one out or not listen to it at all!

Play.com have reduced these from £34.99 right down to £12.99, they're in stock and there's no delivery to pay either.

Thanks to fishcakenose over at HUKD!

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