Indiana Jones Trilogy £8.85 @ Zavvi

Indiana Jones Trilogy £8.85 @ Zavvi

indianaThese classic films are a home-cinema collection must-have. While the last instalment should be ignored and avoided (and possibly we should have our brains washed out so we forget it completely) the first three films are a treasure. Down to £8.85 for all three together including bonus discs and interviews, this is a bargain from Zavvi.

I remember crawling into my parent’s bed because I was too scared to sleep after watching the Temple of Doom as a child. I loved, loved, loved the movies but my child’s imagination had problems with the skulls falling from the walls. Needless to say, these classics and the genius interpretation that Harrison Ford put into Indiana Jones are priceless.

Included in the box set is Raiders of the Lost Ark, The Temple of Doom and The Last Crusade (the latter sporting a superbly eccentric Sean Connery). You also get a bonus fourth disc that includes a behind-the-scenes look at indiana-jonesthe making of Indiana Jones, the Light and Magic of Indiana Jones and the Sound of Indiana Jones.

Who doesn’t get all excited when the theme tune plays? Just remembering it makes me all bouncy and excited like I was when I was a child. Classic fun for all.

Thanks to free_spirit at HUKD!


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