Horrid Henry DVD £2.95 @ The Hut

Horrid Henry DVD £2.95 @ The Hut

Horrid-Henry_largeThe Horrid Henry books made for great reading; the Horrid Henry DVDs make for great viewing too!

If you are of a certain age you'll remember the 'My Naughty Little Sister' books - wow, that really is going a l-o-n-g way back! - and they were really great. Horrid Henry is akin to her although he's MUCH more naughty than she ever was.

There was/is always the popular misconception that if your little ones read about naughty things they'll immediately want to rush out and do them; I remember this was a particularly vehement concern when Roald Dahl's story about George and his marvellous medicine hit the book shelves.

Well, to my knowledge, no child poisoned their grandmother as a result of that and no child goes out full-bore to replicate the antics of Horrid Henry.

Kids are smart and the writers of such stories equally so; all three of my children, whilst amused by Horrid Henry, got the message loud and clear that this was NOT the way to behave. So if you were worried about HH having a negative impact on your child, fear not!

This Horrid Henry DVD features lots of episodes and is packed with special interactive features too. 

It was £12.79 but those lovely folks at The Hut have reduced it to just £2.95 - so I'd grab a copy at this price whilst you can, it would be horrid if they put the price up again and you were too late.

Thanks to kareandy over at HUKD!


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