Harry Potter House Rain Poncho £17.99 @ Geek Core

Harry Potter House Rain Poncho £17.99 @ Geek Core

You can always rely on the British Summertime to give us a downpour or two! Well now you can style it out in one of these Harry Potter Rain Ponchos! You will be praying for a rainy day when you have one of these bad boys in your bag!

You can get your hands on one of these Harry Potter House Ponchos from over at Geek Core. They currently have the best price around which is just £17.99 per poncho.

These fab rain ponchos feature the colours of the Hogwarts houses, you can choose from Gryffindor or if you prefer the dark side then go for Slytherin. They feature a toggled hood to keep you dry, long sleeves and snap buttons on each side.

They are great to keep in your bag on days out and are easy to just throw on to keep you dry during a rain shower. They also come in a handy draw-string bag to save putting a wet poncho back in your bag.

Home delivery is £2.99 and becomes FREE when you spend £40 or more.


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  • Amy P.

    Perfect for Manchesters weather!x

    • Charlotte M.

      Onggggg:heart_eyes::heart_eyes: needed in this weather :joy::joy:

      • Caroline D.

        Haaaa!!! Could have done with one of those today!!

        • Rosie C.

          Me and leilah need these but in hufflepuff and ravenclaw.

          • Jade D.

            So much yes!! Love them lol xx

            • Nadya G.

              Need these in our lives :ok_hand_tone2::sunglasses:

              • Sal D.

                Aw I wanted one of these in Florida!! Couldn't find one. Be quite useful this week I think! :cloud_rain::cloud_rain:xx

                • Rebecca M.

                  Yes! Showing house pride whatever the weather :smirk: xx

                  • Chantal D.

                    Can just see myself walking round Richmond in one of them

                    • Lisa E.

                      we need these :joy::joy: xx

                      • Hannah P.

                        Oh deffinetly xx

                      • Jemma M.

                        u defo need one of these for next week haha xxx

                        • Hayleigh C.

                          Yes would love this for my commute x

                          • Abbi T.

                            Could have used one of these the other day when madam stayed bone dry and I was drenched! X

                            • Judith N.

                              We should go to the place in London!

                              • Lauren V.

                                Oh my god. I want them all x

                                • Lindsey C.

                                  Your amazing x wAs just looking at these x going to tag you :thumbsup:

                                  • Rachel H.

                                    Work attire for rainy days :joy::joy:

                                    • Janet J.

                                      I think I may need one of these! Xx

                                      • Karen N.

                                        Thats what i was thinking x

                                        • Alana C.

                                          Take my money :money_with_wings::money_with_wings::money_with_wings::money_with_wings: