Harry Potter Complete DVD Boxset from £29.79 @ Amazon

Harry Potter Complete DVD Boxset from £29.79 @ Amazon

If you're after a Harry Potter Complete DVD boxset then you should pop over to Amazon - they're selling all eight movies in standard format for £29.79 and the Blu-ray version for £36.99 (ChoicesUK have the standard edition for £26.99 at the moment, but the last time I looked they only had three left in stock).

Unless you've been living on another planet for the last 10 years, you'll probably know all there is to know about the phenomenon that is Harry Potter.  I was just sitting here thinking how amazing it's been for my teenagers to have grown up with the stories as they've been released.

I remember taking them to the cinema to see the Philosopher's Stone  - they were five and six at the time - and there was an interval around the time of the Quidditch game because it was a long film for such little people; cute.

I took them to see the Chamber of Secrets with my cousin and her two children and remember how the four of them wanted to sit in the four seats in front of us - they were tough, they were grown up and they also climbed over the back of the seats onto our laps when it got a bit scary; funny!

Fast forward a few years and we queued up outside Waterstones at midnight to get our copies of the Half Blood Prince and we were all devastated by the sad bits (<----that's not what I wrote originally, but I didn't want to write a HUGE great spoiler and ruin anything for anyone!)

It was quite something looking at my, now, 16 and 17 year old teenagers in the cinema when I took them to see the final Harry Potter movie and thought back to the little tiny children, who'd just started school when we went to see the very first one.

Time flies, I could do with that time twisting gizmo that Hermione has in the Goblet of Fire!


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