Harry Potter On Blu Ray £17.99 @ HMV

13 November 2010

harryPotter This is a magical deal (almost as magical as my puns)! HMV are giving away years one to six of Harry Potter on Blu Ray for the astonishing price of £17.99!

I still can't quite get my head around being able to pick up all six of the Harry Potter films on Blu ray for £3 each!

I've checked it, and ordered it, and I promise it's not a mistake - I'm going to say it again, just so it sinks in: years one to six of Harry Potter on Blu Ray for £17.99.

I adore the Harry Potter films - I caught the Chamber of Secrets on TV the other day and it sparked off a bit of a Harry Potter fest'. I dragged out all my non-Blu ray copies and every Sunday afternoon since, I've watched one of them.

The Philosopher's Stone still has to be one of my favourites, it's not as dark, moody or angsty as the later ones.

The Teenagers birthdays are on Wednesday and, over the last decade, going to see the latest Harry Potter film at the cinema has become a bit of a ritual; we're off to see the Deathly Hallows part one on Saturday next week and we can't wait.

If you've never seen any of the Harry Potter films then grabbing years one to six of Harry Potter on Blu ray (did I mention the price was just £17.99) is your chance to see what all the fuss has been about for the last 10 years.

Thanks to Tequila Sunset over at HUKD!

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