Harry Potter And The Half Blood Prince £3.98 @ Bee.com

18 September 2011


This is the sixth instalment of the Harry Potter series and starts at the end of The Order of the Phoenix. Bee.com is selling the DVD and Blu-ray for £3.98 which is a very good deal indeed.

The special offer on Bee.com does seem exceptionally good for such a recent movie. It looks like it is the DVD and Blu-ray set combined, so you get one disc of each, for less than you’d usually pay just for one of them.

The disc is dispatched within 24 hours which is pretty cool. The DVD covers how the wizarding world is rocked by the fact that Voldemort has truly returned. The only problem is that nobody seems to believe Harry or his friends and he’s in for a rather rough time of it.

The movie is alright, it annoyed me that it didn’t follow the book as well as it could have and yet managed to include random and silly extra scenes that added no particular value. However, as an addition to the set it is a nice low price.

Thanks to Krueck83 at HUKD!

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