Harry Potter Bedding Set £24 @ Next

Harry Potter Bedding Set £24 @ Next
Harry Potter Bedding Set £24 @ Next

My daughter loves a character bedding set but I am always torn when buying them as lots of designs can be a bit garish!

I spotted this lovely Harry Potter Bed Set from Next and the design is just so lovely. I can see it becoming a big seller so grab one today.

This lovely bed set is available in a Single Size for £24 at Next. It is made from 50% cotton and 50% polyester which makes it easy to dry and has a minimal iron finish which I read as no ironing needed!

It features a Hogwarts Express theme with the Hogwarts Express itself, tickets and Platform 9 3/4.

Perfect for any little Harry Potter fan!


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  • Corrie H.

    They don't do it in a king-size :sob::sob::sob::sob::sob:

    • Jolene C.

      I would invest in a smaller duvet then ;)

      • Corrie H.

        Yes! I'll just buy myself a single bed :joy::joy:

        • Kerry S.

          something else for the girls ha x

          • Charlotte M.

            Looking now for a double !

            • Laetitia M.

              Felicity loves trains as well!

              • Jennie H.

                Want it for my bed :joy::grin: xx

                • Georgina M.

                  Oh I'm gonna have to get this for Arthur!!!

                  • Fiona K.

                    Maybe me & scott need bunk beds in the new house then i can have a single bed with this cover :thinking::joy:

                    • Sarah S.

                      haha yeah, shame they don’t do double/king size :upside_down:

                      • Laetitia M.

                        Is that the one in Yorkshire?

                        • Ann G.

                          Liam would love that. Treat time. :grinning:

                          • Tammy B.

                            I thought it looked nice. From a non Harry Potter fan

                            • Sarah K.

                              That's lush.. I want it king size for my bed

                              • Sarah M.

                                I am sure he would love it!

                                • Steph D.

                                  I’m buying it for Amelia of course

                                  • Melissa S.

                                    I didn't know about this!! :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

                                    • Steph H.

                                      I saw this, I wish they did it in a King! I’m really tempted to get it for Jack though :see_no_evil: xx

                                      • Gillian M.

                                        Love it I'll have to get it for him thanks :heartbeat: x

                                        • Lauz W.

                                          I never buy this would be a good bday gift I’ve got her a hogwards letter for her 11th bday a necklace and a bangle so this will go with my theme