The Gruffalo’s Child: 9 Inch Skittles £17.99 @

The Gruffalo’s Child: 9 Inch Skittles £17.99 @

These gorgeous skittles are reduced at at the moment . They’re normally £39.99, so this is a lovely £22 saving. Here’s the thing though – while the title and description talk about the Gruffalo’s child, none of the animals in it really correspond to the Gruffalo story… and the Gruffalo’s Child Skittles image on Amazon is totally different! So it’s a really good price, and if you get what’s pictured, it’s really cute and if you actually get the Gruffalo’s child skittles – well… they’re really cute too!

These really are very cute, I think. There’s six skittles in the set and a soft ball perfect for knocking them over. They stand 9” tall and come in a ‘crate’ bag with a carry handle.

There’s a frog, lion, monkey, elephant, giraffe and some other creature I can’t quite make out – it looks like a dog.

They are surface washable, and are made with polyester fibres and plastic pellets and as a result they are only suitable for children over 3… which is unfortunate because they’d probably make great soft toys.

If you get them, let us know which ones you got, in the end! If you'd just like some skittles and don't really mind which set you get, this is a great price!

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