Google Chromecast 2 Bundle £21.99 @ Rakuten TV

Google Chromecast 2 Bundle £21.99 @ Rakuten TV

I had to read this over a few times before I believed what I was seeing. The Google Chromecast 2 Bundle is only £21.99 at Rakuten TV! That's right only £21.99!! A Google Chromecast on it's own would cost you £30 from Argos. Be fast, if you want this deal, as it's very limited.

What do you get in Google Chromecast Bundle? A black Google Chromecast and the Life Movie in HD.

These are brilliant for transforming your bog standard Television into a Smart TV. A lot of people use them to stream movies via apps too - they seem to be very popular for that.

This deal is running until 30th April 2018, or when 200 units have been claimed. You are limited to a maximum of 1.

Here's how to get your mitts on this brilliant deal:

  • Use the link above and Log in or Register to Rakuten TV.
  • Enter your payment details.
  • You'll be given a unique code.
  • Before 30th June 2018, redeem your code in Google Store (failure to do so by this date will result in your code becoming void).
  • It's simple - just add the Chromecast device to your shopping cart and enter your code and your total will be £0 - but you'll still be asked to enter your payment details again (you WILL NOT BE CHARGED anything).

As part of the promotion you have to enter your card details (even though the order total is zero) - this is to link all purchases through your Google Chromecast to your Card. To change this you just go into settings > payments methods straight after placing your order and delete. Handy to do this if you have kids that use these things.


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