Get Harry Potter Tote Bags For Just £1 @ Poundland

Harry Potter Tote Bags For Just £1
Get Harry Potter Tote Bags For Just £1 @ Poundland

If the £1 Disney Tote Bags at Poundland were not your thing then hopefully these Harry Potter Tote Bags will be right up your street!

If you're a Harry Potter fan then you need to head straight to your local Poundland and snap these awesome tote bags up for just £1!

The totes feature the house crests of three different Hogwarts houses Gryffindor, Slytherin and Ravenclaw, although there's no sign of Hufflepuff just yet though!

If the bags are anything like the Disney ones they are bound to becomes a sell out. Savvy shoppers enjoy getting creative with the bags turning them into cushions, canvases and much more!

They make wonderful gifts for Harry Potter fans so head down and see if you can grab yourself one of these lovely Harry Potter £1 Tote Bags!


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  • Vikki F.

    shall I keep an eye out?

    • Mary R.

      bet Kasey would love these :heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

      • Gemma M.

        how cool! Ella would love a griffindor:joy:

        • Rachael J.

          Sad times for us puffs :( #badgerpride

          • Rikki N.

            We def need to get these !!!!not sure if we need them . Me and soph are going to look like bag ladies

            • Joanna Y.

              They have them! As a Hufflepuff I was happy to see my house. I have these bags twice over in each house - 1 set for using and one for turning into canvases.

              • Jodie H.

                Where's Hufflepuff tho m8

                • Kayleigh R.

                  Oh she would love all of these

                  • Kate H.

                    I saw these in ponte - they only had slytherin :tired_face: x

                    • Zoe D.

                      I got one of these from poundland x

                      • Lauren B.

                        :smirk: thats rubbish then. Wonder if they’ll get more in x

                        • Chloe B.

                          Of course, I’ll keep an eye out for ya:kissing_heart:

                          • Chloë L.

                            I feel I should visit Cambridge soon ... :wink:

                            • Chloë L.

                              Just read it properly - I can just go to Bury! :blush:

                              • Donna N.

                                Thanks hun I'll have a look for these x

                                • Lucy C.

                                  Ooh. Bet they won’t come to Worcester though. Fingers crossed for Hufflepuff!

                                  • Lucy C.

                                    Worcester is so useless for things. Thank you. If there are 2, can you grab one for Lottie? I can add it to her birthday present!

                                    • Alexandra J.

                                      Already got all four of them :thumbsup:

                                      • Lisa H.

                                        Thanks honey will pop in tomorrow and have a look :kissing_heart:

                                        • Kayleigh A.

                                          Does Kendal even have a Poundland? If not good excuse to come to Buckshaw and we can go into Chorley / Preston :joy::joy: