FREE Pelvicore Exercise DVD @ Corewellness

FREE Pelvicore Exercise DVD @ Corewellness


Okay, so this isn't going to be a freebie that you will brag about to your mates but I wanted to share it because it'll help loads of you. If you have carried a baby in your tummy for nine months then chances are that your pelvic floor muscles aren't what they use to be. Going through a natural childbirth can be linked to poor bladder control too. Some women can leak urine when laughing, sneezing or coughing and it's unpleasant to experience that.

I have spoken to friends and we have laughed about the issue of accidental weeing but if it is something your encounter everyday it's really not funny. With certain exercises you can improve the strength in your pelvic floor. The Pelvicore Technique DVD can help you achieve this and a firmer stomach, and we would all love one of those. It claims to cure incontinence in 70% of participants.

To get your FREE DVD you just need to answer some questions and fill in your name and address, etc. Don't worry there are no personal questions asked and if you are suffering from mild incontinence then this is worth a try.



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